Boston Lifetime Members of ALPFA

The individuals listed below demonstrate one of the strongest commitments to ALPFA by enrolling in a lifetime membership.  In addition to ensuring their member benefits never expire, we recognize these members each year at our National Convention and they receive a special ALPFA “Lifetime member” pin.

Lifetime Members:

Egill Agustsson
Ferdinand Alvaro
Billy Ayala
Ana Baldeon
Michael Brodsky
Joanna Couto
Javier Cuellar
Margaret Dillon
Bill Driscoll
Brian Estiz
Greg Flores
Yvonne Garcia
Dennis Langwell
Oscar Malcolm
Juan Carlos Morales
Linh Nguyen
Radhames Nova
Marcel Quiroga
Araceli Rios
Adriana Rojas Garzon
Carol Sanchez-Novak
Maria Santiago
Nadia Tejeda-Colon
Eduardo Tobon
Nassar Torres
Ivan Watanabe

Click here for a list of ALPFA lifetime members nationally.