Welcome to ALPFA Boston

Welcome to ALPFA

In this website you will find helpful information about networking events, scholarship opportunities, and professional talks addressed to students and professionals within the Boston area. Although this organization is mostly addressed to Latino professionals and students, we welcome everyone who is interested in the Latino culture.



ALPFA Celebrates 40 Years Of Building Business Leadership


In 1972, a Latino college student might have felt lonely on campus. Not only was Latino college enrollment abysmal, but few campus organizations existed to help develop and connect them to professional opportunities. The same could be said for young Latino business professionals; many were dismayed by a lack of community of Latino colleagues and mentors to learn from, network with — and who could, together — work to open the doors to corporate America if not the global market.

The ALPFA founding members understood the need to build a Latino professional workforce that would contribute and compete in the region’s burgeoning economy. Today, as ALPFA celebrates its 40th anniversary with more than 18,000 members across 39 professional and 90 student chapters, ALPFA is the pre-eminent resource and authority of building Latino business leaders through its innovative programs and bold changes over the course of its existence…

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