ALPFA Investments

ALPFA Investments Executive Summary

The Investments initiative of the ALPFA Boston Chapter is a dedicated programming initiative that contributes to the professional development of Latino (and other minority) professionals in wealth, investment, and risk management. It serves as a venue for mentoring, networking, leadership, recruitment, and retention of Latino talent in the investment management field.

ALPFA Investments is comprised of three key interconnected components aimed at enhancing the career progression of its members in wealth, investment, and risk management positions. These components are:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Coaching and Mentoring
  3. Networking

Professional Development:

The professional development component is a fundamental objective of the initiative. It establishes and creates programs tailored to the skills set needed for professionals in areas related to investment management. For example, it will design and organize study sessions, and workshops to prepare ALPFA Investments members for professional certifications such as: Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Series 6 and 7 (FINRA), among others.

ALPFA members also enjoy a special offer from our partner Zolio, an excellent investment tool for young professionals.

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Coaching and Mentoring:

We recognize that patterns of social interaction and communication and characteristic of a particular cultural group influence the outlook on family and the workplace. Research suggests that the better people understand themselves the better they are able to develop effective strategies to interact with others and respond appropriately to the demands of their work environment.

Corporate Culture defines the proper way to think, act, and behave within an organization. Organizational leaders define what is considered proper within an organization through their actions and behaviors, by how they allocate resources, and through the things they reward and punish. Those who do things in the proper way tend to fit in, survive, and ultimately become successful.


The program will emphasize career connections through networking events and will leverage ALPFA Boston’s monthly events as well as the existing ALPFA Career Connections Program (ACC).