A program of the ALPFA Boston Chapter. ALPFA Law is a premier Latino and minority network for lawyers, law firms, and corporations providing a unique opportunity to develop a regional, national, and cross-industry network.


To build bridges between Boston’s legal and business community and empower diversity and Latino leadership in today’s globalized legal market.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Access to top industry leaders
  • A resource to meet diversity goals
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Education on current/future trends
  • Alerts to career opportunities
  • On-going professional development

Why ALPFA Law?

Minority lawyers in Boston are eagerly seeking opportunities to become involved with an organization that has the infrastructure, energy and professional network that ALPFA Boston offers to its members.

Committee & Contact Information for ALPFA LAW Directors 2013:

ALPFA Law 2013

Lourdes German
Vice President of ALPFA Law
Bond Index, Inc.





ALPFA Law 2013Elke Trilla-Perkhun
Chair of ALPFA Law
Ernst & Young LLP








Gerardo Julian Delgado
Co-Chair ALPFA Law
JD Candidate, Suffolk Law




The ALPFA-Law committee will play a pivotal role in serving as a bridge for bringing together Boston’s diverse business and legal communities, including Latino bankers, CPA’s/Auditors, CFA’s, MBA’s, and now JD’s. As such, ALPFA-Law aspires to produce programming that includes relevant legal expertise, while still building on ALPFA’s existing relationships with the CFOs, HR Leaders, and Risk Managers/Treasurers within our Corporate Partners.

We strongly believe that ALPFA provides invaluable benefits to our communities and hope you will support us.