Women of ALPFA (WOA)

Why Women of ALPFA

Women of ALPFA recognizes that Latinas have two sure things going for them: they are Hispanic Women and they are hungry for success. Sometimes, unfortunately, gender and ethnicity issues get in the way of recognizing outstanding individuals for who they are and what they are capable of.

Women of ALPFA (WOA) is a platform for Latinas to be recognized for who they are and for what they do. WOA helps Latinas jump to higher grounds (being this either securing a first job or getting into the boardroom) through continuous support, career development opportunities, further education, and a solid network of successful Latinas that will challenge and inspire them. WOA is an opportunity in itself to participate in the exciting process of helping Latinas reach excellence.

WOA also seeks to help professional Latinas incorporate themselves in the workforce while maintaining pride for who they are. One of the most important qualities attributed to working Latinas is their heritage. Studies of American businesses have shown that this heritage results in executive Latinas displaying an impressive work ethic, aptitude for collaboration, cultural fluency, and community outreach. WOA is not only for Latinas, it is for anyone who recognizes the value of Latinas in the American workforce and wants to help them continue to add value to corporations and to the economy through their businesses and their purchasing power.